Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA)

RPA, popularly known as DRONES, are classified as AIRCRAFT by national and international regulatory bodies such as ANAC - DECEA - ICAO - FAA.

ANAC regulations for these aircrafts have been in force since May 2017 and the DECEA established the rules and guidance for the airspace control access.

OMNI Brasil provides services with unmanned aircraft for companies, with the following objectives:

  • Decrease in total expenses;
  • Fast information processing;
  • No risk exposure for the pilots;
  • Minimize interference in production units;
  • Get more accurate data than traditional methods;
  • Obtain data previously impossible to obtain.

With the drone imaging services there is a significant reduction in costs, and the capability to obtain data and images unlikely to be done with piloted aircrafts.

OMNI Drone Division

Following the regulation and observing the growing commercial use of drones OMNI Taxi Aéreo offers a new product:

The provision of aerial imaging services using drones is geared towards the needs of diverse segments of demanding clients. Clients with great responsibilities and with the need of support of services equally compromised.

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